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We all love watching Everybody Loves Raymond and The King of Queens and Mom is messing up our nightly programs . We have been watching Everybody Loves Raymond and The King of Queens for years. A lot of people are complaining.

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Please take mom off tvland. It's the worst show ever


No one likes "Mom"..... So why don't you take it off the air. It's stupid and horrible!


Go back to andy griffith , mash, everybody loves raymond and koq AND STOP the extracommercials!


why do you always throw in extra commercials on andy griffith and mash and everybody lovesraymond....I know!I know!

because it doesn't work on other S__T shows!YOU PEOPLE ARERUINING T V LAND!


Since TV Land has began airing and inundating its line up with "Mom" episodes, I no longer regularly watch the channel.

to Jimmy jehl #1453610

I love watching Mom. I wish it was on longer than an hour


TVLand has turned into a disgusting, vulgar, potty-humor wasteland for millennials. Teachers, Mom, and other garbage fill time that used to be decent, honest-humor programs.

I don't watch it any longer.


Mom and teachers are the a teacher I am very upset the way you portray Raymond King if Queens and Rosanne otherwise I'm done with your crude channel


Mom is a horrible show! Please take if off of your nightly line up and put Everybody Loves Raymond back.


Teachers is even worse!Thanks tv land for selling out!

You were my go to channel!NOW YOU JUST PLAIN SUCK!!!!!!!!


Please take this awful show off your channel!!!Even if i was up at 3am drinking I would change the channel!!

It is not funny at all!!!!Please Remove....


I have never watched Teachers nor do I want to.I have seen the ads for it and it is far from impressive.

From what I've seen on the ads, it's nothing but disgusting.How can something like this get on the air?


Please take mom off the air or put it on at 330 in the morning. Messing up my nightly routine. I want some KOQ


TV Land used to be great.Even with the less than wholesome Hot In Cleveland (at least it was well written and funny).

But what is with this vulgar, not funny , stuff they're showing now. Younger is lame; not funny nor dramatic....just millennial drivel. Teachers is vulgar as anything, not funny, just gross.

Mom ranks between Younger and Teachers.You had a hit with the original Hot in Cleveland....this other originals suck.....put back Raymond and King of Queens!


I have the runs really bad


I watch other channels when MOM & TEACHERS are on. TV Land a good channel, but not for long with the trash these two shows offer.


I totally agree....I don't know which is worse Mom or Teachers....I've only seen the ads for them but I will never waste my time on them....put Raymond and King of Queens back on

to George and Susan Mandy #1411940

They are both bad, but from a moral point of view I think Teachers is worse. Why is TV becoming so amoral and unfunny?


Please bring Raymond back!!!


I agree show is not good or


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