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We all love watching Everybody Loves Raymond and The King of Queens and Mom is messing up our nightly programs . We have been watching Everybody Loves Raymond and The King of Queens for years. A lot of people are complaining.

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Please take the Goldbergs off TV Land!!!!!


I would much rather watch the goldbergs than 2 and a half men. At least the goldbergs I can watch with my son. 2 & 1/2 men is a disgusting show.


Stop screwing around with what has been working for years. Raymond,and King of Queens are your bread and butter.

Tons of followers. Nights are not the same anymore.


I hate the goldbergs show!!! Go back to playing the Raymond episodes!

Goldberg’s is totally stupid! Put the back to back 4 Raymond shows PLEASE!!!

to Donna #1580983

Agree I hate the Goldbergs it’s the stupidest show, it’s not the same at night anymore I hate TV land


Keep Everybody Loves Raymond and King of Queens!


I hate Two and a Half Men on TV land. How can it be removed?

I rather get more of everybody loves Raymond, The New Adventures of Old Christine, King of queens. Very disappointed in the current lineup.

to Anonymous #1580990

Yes agree And I don’t like mash, that’s so old and stupid, you like to see funny things before you go to sleep not the stupid shows, I don’t put that gold berg on terrible show


Don’t mind 2-1/2 men, don’t care about Mom, don’t watch it any more. But I wish you would show The King of Queens earlier than 11:00 PM.

Sick and tired of Mash. Switch the two shows’ time.

to Ingrid #1580987

I agree with you 100%, I really enjoy watching everybody loves Raymond, King of queens, I don’t put the Goldbergs on it’s a terrible shock ruins the whole night


Everyone is complaining that “Mom” isn’t right for TVLand, and it needed to be taken off , ...... done .......but it’s ok for Two & half Men to take its place .....

really ....

really !?!? With Charlie Sheen and his over-sexed attitude, balls flapping as much as tongue, is better than Mom ?!?

to Anonymous #1585055



What the *** happened to Mom? Why two and a half men?

Old and kinda just too much baggage. Please bring back Mom!


Please bring Mom back!!

to Melissa #1529165

Agree, bring back Mom!!!!


Why did you take Mom off with no warning? It is one of the funniest shows on TV.

You can see Two and a half Men on several different channels.

The 10-11 time slot was perfect for Mom. Please bring it back soon!


Please put Mom back. It was a great show. two and a half men is so old and not amusing at all.


someone said people are loosers going toAA meetings really? Its a disease I know because my yonger boy is addicted .

It can happen to any ones family and doesnt matter if your rich or poor. I have been to those meetings for the familys many times, Those AA meetings can save some loosers life as you like to put it! I have seen people change there life and helped the familys, we are all there to help each other, as on the show MOM!

So my point is I get to laugh for an hour and used to look forward to watching it everynight at 10pm and people that are looking for help are NOT loosers! PUT MOM BACK ON NOW!


Please bring back Mom! Don’t like Two and a half Men!


Please put mom back on 2 1/2 men is on other channels all the time

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