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We started watching Tv Land years ago because we were sick of the filth on the other channels. We still watch because they still carry the old family friendly shows, but the commercials for the shows like Teachers, Mom, Impasture, Younger, and the like are disgusting.

If or when we ever find a channel that offers family friendly shows we will be saying goodbye to Tv Land. We may just get sick enough and turn you off anyways.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tv Land Commercial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I, too, am really dissappointed in the filthy innuendo of the new show on TVland especially Teachers, Mom, and Younger. What is this sick stuff telling our kids????? While a great deal of what they are showing is true to real life, it should not be shown to young children.

While I have watched Everybody Loves Raymond it even stepped over the line a few times, for that matter so did Golden Girls with Blanche being portrayed as a real promiscuous person.


I like younger


Younger, Teachers, Mom? They all stink.

Not at all why I watch TV Land. I watch to get away from the garbage on TV these days and now I’m just getting more of it. There’s a reason people want to watch the oldies and it’s because they were good! Good when they first appeared and still good now.

These new shows? Not funny even by accident.

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